"Channelship" is a music clip from the "Vietnam Images" series. "Channelship" is the 16th original music video clip that we upload here in just as many weeks. 1 a week for 16 consecutive weeks, with original images, sound, and animation. As we have many things to prepare for the fall, uploads slow down a bit in the summer but there is plenty more to come. This clip is special in many ways but mostly, it is designed as a tribute to Mr Ronald Jenkees, his music, is love of music, and the way he is sharing them with everyone, through YouTube. It is also a tribute to YouTube for making this possible.

"Channelship" stands for "Channel Ship" like the ship in the channel in the clip, as well as for "channelship", channel collaboration and exchange, and possibly as well for "Channel's Hip", which is also true now.

Combining an (unretouched) improvised lead on a pattern (inspired by a bass line in Bizets' Carmen Opera ...), to a video improvisation on HaLong Bay with a flying playing round keyboard, this clip salutes the wide open channel offered by YouTube and especially, all the good ships that travel through it.

As the water surfing spheres may represent the YouTube surfers and the sound wave represent the upload and communication processes, somehow, that ship, and that lead, represent Mr. Jenkees contribution and lead.


Enjoy, tell us what you think, stay tuned, and subscribe.

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