1- The Elusive Semitones

Hi everyone,

We are introducing here the first animated clip from a series on Harmony Basics. These tutorial clips each builds on the previous ones, so they should probably be viewed and studied in sequence. They are meant to share some very fundamental harmonic concepts and structures and to share a deeper understanding of music. We are also assuming that if we have acheived what we have musically, without understanding music any better, that a deeper, intuitive knowledge and understanding could help music evolve importantly. What do you think?
"1- The Elusive Semitones">

First clip in a series on Music Harmony Basics. It seems unacceptable that, in our day and age, the two semi-tones in diatonic scales should remain mysteries. Yet they do, as no one seems to know why they break the regularity of the scale. This 60 seconds look shows why.

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