Movin’on to DNAOS

Starting "Busi-Clips", the new (not so) "corporate" presentations series, this week, the first clip is "Movein'on to DNAOS", a 2 min. 3D video animation introducing 01 COMMUNICATIONS' DNAOS virtual profile entitlement technology and solutions, with original music and sound by Telepath, our resident "band".
"Movin'in On To DNAOS":

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It may be interesting to know that this clip is in 2 parts, the general and the technical. In the first part, flying videos represent (shared) content/knowledge, while turning and morphing weels are distributed processes working on the content. The second, more technical (optional) part simply lists some of the services offered by DNAOS solutions. The concentric cercles represent layers of services that are built progressively around the content entitlement kernel. Dragons represent entitlement security. The ball they hold is the shared and processed content that they protect. The voices combine natural, processed, and synthetic voices. Enjoy, comment, subscribe.

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