2- The Chromatic String of Fifths

We managed to get the second clip from a series on Harmony Basics uploaded. Following the first clip, this one takes a moment to look at the source of the chrominicism that imposed the semitones that break the regularity of diatonic scales. Chrominicism stems from the chromatic string of fifths which this clip introduces. The next clip will look more closely at how the chromatic string of fifths builds the scales. Subsequent clips will build on these. Check them out, in sequence if you can, write in your comments, and subscribe to this blog for update and new release notifications. Cheers.

"2- The Chromatic String of Fifths"

Second in the series, this clip shows how the unlimited string of fifths introduces a natural relative flatness/sharpness phenomenon that is at the root of musical intuition. Called Chrominicism, this phenomenon is a form of mini Chromaticism, measured in notches of 1/7th (0,142857) of a semi-tone, or 1/84th of an octave (7x12), rather than in semi-tones.

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